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Welcome to Courtyard Estates

Retirement is a time in life when you should have the freedom to do what you choose, pursue your passions and live with less worry. At Courtyard Estates, we provide all the comforts of home as well as health maintenance, state-of-the-art security and a full range of care services at a competitively priced, monthly rate. Within our retirement community, we present unique living arrangements that allow you to maintain or improve your current lifestyle.

Our handicap-accessible suiteshomes and villas offer maintenance and worry-free living that gives you the ability to focus on family, companions, leisure and activities. Convenient lawn, housekeeping, transportation and dining services are just a few of the ways we strive to make your life more carefree and enjoyable.

So why worry when you don’t have to? Become a part of our family and see how our assisted, independent and supportive living options make the perfect lifestyle choice for you, both now and in the future.

Courtyard Estates is a retirement community you can call home. Each of our communities, whether you choose our assisted, independent or supportive living options, offers worry-free living that allows you to focus on ways to enjoy your retirement like spending time with family and friends.

All Courtyard Estate homes offer daily activities that encourage tenants to keep active and participate in social events. Our certified staff is professionally trained and educated in providing the highest quality services, which promote a safe, loving and healthy environment. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of health care services at a competitively priced, monthly rate.


When our family realized our mom was in need of a different living environment, we found Betty’s Garden Memory Care. Betty’s Garden Memory Care is a small home-like setting; it is a wonderful environment for your loved one to thrive in.

The Nurses, CNAs, RAs, & staff truly do love your loved one, as though they were their own family member. All staff is involved in ongoing education & it’s remarkable to see! The staff knows how to create those moments of joy with your loved one.

Our family would highly recommend the facility for your loved ones. The facility is beautiful & well maintained. The tenants are safe & cared for in a unique environment for Alzheimer’s & Dementia. When visiting Mom, we leave with a comfortable feeling that she is happy & well cared for.

The Family of Vivian Verstraete

My father’s move to Courtyard Estates this last October has allowed him and our family to enjoy a new peace of mind. First impressions of the facility and staff were that of an emotional uplifting. The staff is composed of friendly professionals with the sincere objectives of giving outstanding care and of providing for the well being of the residents rather than making a profit.

After three carefree months of his residency at Courtyard Estates dad is very comfortable and happy in his new home.  I feel this is primarily due to the warm and contagious attitude of the nursing staff and administrative personnel.

The free medical transportation with a lift assisted van is a service that is provided, not just promised.Food quality is just that; quality.  I have had several meals there and twice I have gone to the kitchen afterwards to ask Chef Tim how he had prepared the entrée.   It is, really that good.Bottom line is just that, the value. Compare Courtyard Estates to other facilities in the area. You will pleasantly discover what we did. They offer a much higher level of service, superior care and attention.

Plus, unmatched food quality and all of this at a very surprisingly low, affordable rate.  Most of all is the peace of mind for the family that there is an experienced caring professional helping you twenty-four hours a day.

The Family of a Tenant

My doctor called me and told me that my lab results showed I was able to stop one of my medications I take for my diabetes. He told me that Courtyard Estates of Peoria was sure doing something right with my diet! I eat the foods I enjoy and my health is improving” – Martha Anderson


Courtyard Estates staff were attentive, patient, caring and helpful to us at all times during our loved ones stay. The staff went out of their way to make sure that she was always taken care of and received whatever she requested. Staff went out of their way to ensure that her needs were taken care of, including sometimes making trips to a store on their way to work for her.

Courtyard Estates is a beautiful building, well maintained and they care about how it looks and make it look like a home for all of the residents to come home too. They take care of the building inside and out and make sure that it is decorated for all holidays.This is a small community and yet they have gone out of their way to make sure the residents of Courtyard have enough planned activities that everyone can find something to enjoy.

The activities are both activities that can be joined onsite as well as trips to stores and events in the community. Courtyard has a van that is also available to assist with physician visits.

Relative of a Tenant

We are very happy with Courtyard. Mom seems very satisfied and happy here! Thanks for all you do for her.

Dorothy Erickson’s Family

I am so impressed with the caring loving attitude of the staff from top to bottom. This facility is a real blessing to us as a family of a tenant.

Daughter of Tenant

We want to thank you and your staff again for all the wonderful care you gave our mom Dixie while she resided at the Legacy Estates.

The activities you have for the residents are great.  Mom on her good days loved to have Jan do her hair.  The family get togethers at the holiday season were very nice.  Mom loved all the food there, hat is what she talked about a lot of the time was the good food.

We can’t say enough nice and good things about the Legacy, you and the staff.
If anyone would happen to ask us about the Legacy we will sure recommend it highly.
Thank you very much again! We will stop in once in awhile to see the people we got to know there.

Also I wanted to mention that we cannot say enough good things about Teresa, she is wonderful, she was so good with mom and she sure helped us when we needed any help too.

Family of a Tenant

The staff at Courtyard is excellent. Very friendly, positive, and caring. My family feels very fortunate to have my mother living at Courtyard. It is a great addition to the Sullivan Community.

Family Member of a Tenant

A Big Happy Holidays to you, The Village, Residents & Friends. Also, a big thank you for letting the Lawrence family use your private dining room for our Christmas Dinner. When we first considered having the family come to the village for Christmas dinner, we were concerned that it might not be a good idea. But after the dinner & afternoon together it was agreed that the decision was the best idea of the year!

Mom was happy that she did not have to get out in the cold The room was perfect and decorated very nice. We were impressed and pleased that you & the staff sopped by several times to see if we were doing all right and to see if we needed anything. Again a big thank you to you & The Village. Christmas could never have been better.

Family of a Tenant

We are so appreciated of everything all of you did for our mother Joyce. This was the best possible situation for her. We could tell that you all loved her and cared for her and she loved the way you helped her. Thank you so much for all you did.

Family of a Tenant

Mission and Values

At Courtyard Estates, We are dedicated to assisting the elderly population in maintaining the highest possible quality of life in a safe, secure and homelike environment.  We believe in and are committed to providing seniors a worry free lifestyle where the individuality of each person is recognized, encouraged and respected.

As part of our promise to you, we believe:

  • That a person is unique, deserving of dignity and respect.
  • That each person possesses unique qualities, which make up a distinct personality.
  • Although a person may lose the ability to function as before, that person still possesses this unique quality which must be recognized and respected.
  • That all aspects of a person must be considered: physical, mental, spiritual and social, when assessing and providing care for all individuals.
  • That the staff must be accessible, perceptive and open to recognize needs and to provide care for tenants.
  • That involvement with significant others is beneficial to tenants, family members and staff in planning and providing quality care.

Corporate Vision

All Petersen Health Care facilities are committed to offering much more than you’d expect in a senior living facility.  We continually provide a genuine, supportive, loving home — one that offers superb healthcare, specialized assistance and wide ranging services that enable our tenants to attain optimal well-being.  We strive daily to ensure that each of our tenants are loved in the true Petersen Health Care tradition.


Courtyard Estates is part of Petersen Health Care, the Midwest’s leading long term care provider and the largest chain of nursing homes and assisted, independent and supportive residential living communities in Illinois. The company was founded in 1974 by two brothers, James D. Petersen and Robert L. Petersen, both of who were registered Physical Therapists.  Kewanee Care Home of Kewanee, Illinois and Robings Manor of Brighton, Illinois became their two flagship nursing homes and the start of what we know as Courtyard Estates today.

Mark B. Petersen became the sole owner of Petersen Health Care in early 2002 and continues to maintain the corporate headquarters in Peoria, Illinois.  Mark joined his family’s company immediately after graduating from the University of Colorado, achieving a life-long dream of following in his father’s footsteps. Because Mark had grown up around the family nursing home in Kewanee, Illinois, he had the opportunity to serve on the staff in a variety of positions, getting to know the company from the ground up. Through his fresh ideas and high energy level, Mark has helped propel Petersen Health to the top of the long-term care industry.

Today, Petersen Health Care employs nearly 6,000 employees and is recognized as a major community partner in communities throughout Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana. The company continues to embrace the philosophy it was founded on over 30 years ago which includes strong community involvement, and “bringing the community to the nursing home, and the nursing home to the community.”

Petersen Health Care has the vision and rare ability to change as the needs of the communities it serves change. Using the same proven principles of “caring for those in need” that cultivated the company’s astounding growth in the Skilled Nursing Care arena; Petersen Health Care has recently developed Independent, Assisted and Supportive Living options in many Midwestern communities. These beautiful and modern facilities provide a worry-free atmosphere for seniors seeking safe and secure independent living. Additionally, the company has even bigger plans to continue expansion bringing quality long-term care and independent living options to more seniors throughout the Midwest. Petersen Health Care stands alone as the Midwest’s premier provider of innovative senior living options.

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