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Suites and Services

Courtyard Estates of Monmouth has three different suite layouts available for our residents to choose from:

Because we are focused on keeping the senior population as active as possible, three different care levels have been established for the tenants in our Senior Community. A plan will be established for the Courtyard Estates staff to assist each tenants with the level of activity that they are comfortable with. This plan will be reviewed regularly for any changes that need to be made.

Unique Services

At Courtyard Estates of Monmouth we want to serve our tenants and our community. In doing so, we are now offering a full service Beverage Station, located in the “Cove”. The Beverage Station is complete with Infused water, coffee and assorted snacks.

Through our wonderful tenants and family members, Courtyard Estates realized that a fun place to play a round of cards with friends was something needed by our community. At no cost to you, you can enjoy the “Courtyard Card Club” where snacks, refreshments and always a good time are had.

Every third Wednesday of the month at 2:00 pm, our tenants and community members join together to celebrate the month’s birthdays. Come and enjoy birthday cake, local entertainment and FREE Healthcare Screenings. Just by attending you are eligible to win an Ice Cream Cake from Dairy Queen.

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