Pandemic Nightmare

An unknown virus came to town

And turned all of our life’s upside down.

A common “hitch hiker” it turned out to be As it hikes it’s way from sea to sea.

Most of the people stayed behind closed doors As the virus traveled beyond our shores.

We were shut in, and our families shut out And nobody knew what it was all about.

Schools were closed so the parents did the teaching Church doors were shut but the pastors kept preaching.

They used the internet to keep everyone in touch And spread the Gospel they all loved so much!

Beauty salons were closed, not a beautician in sight And some women’s hair turned gray over night.

Most grocery store shelves became empty over night And the only things left were priced out of sight.

Of all the things we thought we could not do without The lowly toilet paper was winner without a doubt!

Like a never-ending nightmare we wait for it to go away We want to hug and kiss out families and know that it is okay People dusted off their Bibles and put them on the kitchen table They promised to go to church as soon as they were able.

Only God knows how or where this all ends So, Cherish your families and be kind to your friends!