• If you prefer to download and mail back a paper survey. You may click this link to download one.

    Please mail the survey back to the our Home Office at:
    ATTN: Marketing Department
    830 W. Trailcreek Dr.
    Peoria, IL 61614

    In an ongoing effort to provide the best care possible for the tenants we serve, Petersen Health Care is asking you to participate in an Employee Survey. Your opinion is important to us and we appreciate hearing from you regarding your perception of the work environment, communication, services and quality of care we offer.

    Petersen Health Care is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and life for our tenants. Further, we want all employees to bring their rich backgrounds, knowledge, and experiences to the table in trying to construct the ideal assisted living environment. Thank you for your assistance with this survey. We read each & every response.

    We believe anonymity is important, names are not asked for nor included with the survey.

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