Courtyard Communities continues to keep families updated and in contact with their loved ones during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and our biggest communication tool, Facebook.

Facebook has given us the ability to update families in real time and throughout the progression of restrictions that have been put in place by the CDC and IDPH; we’ve been able to alert families, giving them the time to prepare.  Through various posts, we’ve also been able to provide education to our Facebook followers on hand washing techniques, social distancing tips, cough etiquette, and basic ways to keep them safe during the “Shelter in Place” initiative.

With the restrictions in place, Facebook has allowed our tenants and their families to remain in contact and have a sense of normalcy. Families are able to see pictures of their loved ones enjoying activities and staying active, and our tenants are able to see pictures of their family members as they post them on our Facebook pages. Another great tool Facebook offers is video chat. Video chat has given families a chance to have conversations with their loved ones and see them face to face.

We’ve been able to promote emergency services for community members through Facebook, such as meals on wheels, grocery pick up programs, and food drives. Each of these programs has been successful due to Facebook putting the information out there and relaying it to families and seniors in need.

With the updates, community outreach, conversations, pictures, educational pieces and video capabilities, Facebook has been a life saving tool we have used in each of our communities to navigate these restrictions. We appreciate our families and the wonderful feedback we have received from the communities we serve.

Courtyard Village of Kewanee

”Current situation we are experiencing worldwide has impacted each and every one of us differently. As we continue to work together to ensure the safety and wellness of the people we serve along with those in our community, I give kudos to Courtyard Village of Kewanee (CYV). I’m thankful for the measures they have put in place to keep our seniors safe. Yes, I am bias because this picture is my grandma enjoying one of the many activities CYV offers. This is what helps our family have peace of mind while not being able to see her face to face. Look at her… she’s so happy, having fun.. smiling and loving life. Thank you CYV!”

— Current Family Member

Courtyard Estates of Galva

”We understand, prayers for the staff, workers and residents at Galva Courtyard and all the nursing homes and assisted living places. Thank you for taking care of our parents and friends.”

– Community Member

Courtyard Estates of Bradford

“My father-in-law lives there he loves it. Friendly people, great employees, and good meals. Just a good place to be, great atmosphere.”

— Current Family Member

Courtyard Estates of Knoxville

“My grandma is receiving this service, she looks forward to it every day!! She has said all the food is great, and always hot when it arrives!! Thank you for providing this service to the elders in our area!!”

— Community Member on the meals on wheels program

Courtyard Estates of Monmouth

”I have it on good authority everyone is doing a wonderful job! Thank you so much for all you do for the tenants!!”

— Current Family Member