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Commonly Asked Questions

Is there an endowment fee?

No, it is a monthly rental rate, no endowment fee is required, however a non-refundable processing fee is required and is transferable to our other facilities.

Do you allow pets?

You must check with the particular community if you are interested in having a pet. Most do allow small pets.

Am I allowed to use an assistive device such as a cane, walker or wheelchair?

Yes, if your physician deems you appropriate and an assistive device is needed.

What activities are offered?

A variety of activities are offered such as card games, fitness, community events, and much more.

How much does it cost to live at Courtyard Estates?

This will depend on the level of assistance you may require. At Courtyard Estates we have the ability to provide various levels of care to meet your changing needs. Your monthly rate may need to be adjusted to meet your care level changes.

What can I bring with me when I move to Courtyard Estates?

You can bring as many personal items as you wish for your apartment. Though some downsizing typically occurs, we encourage as many personal items as makes you comfortable. Common choices include a bed, dresser, night stand, chair, and tv/stand.


Moving into Courtyard Estates has been like coming home as I had grown up in this area. The staff here plus my family and friends have made it feel like home.

Tenant, Courtyard Estates

My first year here at Courtyard Estates, I have received wonderful care and kindness from the staff. This Holiday Season I look forward to sharing my new home with my family and friends.


You want to know the process of moving mom into Courtyard and why we chose Courtyard. This may be a little hard for you to hear, but you were one of the main reasons — your personal attention to mom’s needs and our family. You listened to our concerns and took action.

The move was so easy and the transition was so smooth that the process seemed seamless. Mom lived in her house one day, with all the worries and headaches of homeownership, and the next day she woke up in a new, wonderful facility. The headaches and worries of day to day living were lifted off her shoulders. And her 4 children all believe this will add quality and quaintly of days to her life.

Family Member of a Tenant, Courtyard Estates

Our first year living here at Courtyard Estates has surpassed all of our expectations. The staff is friendly, efficient and helpful. We look forward to living her throughout the upcoming years.

Tenant, Courtyard Estates

I have been a resident of Courtyard Estates since December of 2016. My apartment is very comfortable and the staff keeps it very clean. Everyone here is efficient and cheerful. My family is very pleased with my move here.


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