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Courtyard Communities is excited to offer our families an opportunity to visit their loved ones within our communities. We’ve included a list of guidelines and policies that will be followed during visits. Our main priority is safety of our tenants, staff and of course visitors.

Each community will provide their tenants and families with visitation guidelines, along with an agreement to follow those guidelines when visiting a Courtyard Community.


We appreciate your patience and understanding during the COVID-19 pandemic as we work to keep your loved ones and our employees safe. As we reopen for limited visitation, special procedures are still in place to ensure the safety of everyone who enters our homes.

We continue to follow all CDC, CMS, and IDPH and local health officials’ recommendations. Thus, in accordance with their updated guidelines, we developed a COVID-19 Visitation Policy.

Full Visitation Policy
Consent Form


  • Visits must be in accordance with all facility guidelines for visiting.
  • Visitors will be allowed to visit tenants INSIDE in a designated area. Each community will identify an area in the front of the building for tenants and families to gather.
  • There is a limit of 2 visitors at a time and both visitors should be from the same household.
  • Visits will be limited to 1 hour increments and with only a certain number of tenants having visitors in the facility at a time.
  • Visitors must adhere to the facility core principles and policies.
  • All visitors must wear required PPE during the visit (mask and gown) and will be instructed on proper disposal of the PPE.
  • Visitors must contact the facility to schedule an appointment to visit a tenant.


  • Within 24 hours prior to visit and also upon arrival, the facility will complete a COVID-19 Symptom Health Screening for visitors.

  • The facility will allow scheduled visits during times when there is staff availability, and a social distance of 6 feet can be maintained.

  • The facility will require visitors to sign in and provide contact information.

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be provided to tenants and visitors for use prior to and after the visit.


  • All tenants must be screened prior to a visitor’s arrival.
  • If a tenant or visitor displays any symptoms, the visit will be cancelled.
  • Tenants must wear a face covering during their visit.

Please Note

Except for on-going use of virtual visits, facilities may still restrict visitation due to the COVID-19 county positivity rate, the facility’s COVID-19 status, a tenant’s COVID-19 status, visitor symptoms, lack of adherence to proper infection control practices, or other relevant factors related to COVID-19.

What to expect?

All visitors will be screened for COVID-19 or other communicable disease symptoms, including a temperature check, prior to the start of the visit. The number of visitors per visit may be limited based on facility guidelines.

A face covering, proper PPE, and social distancing will be required at all times during the visit. If you have any questions about the visitation process or our COVID-19 safety procedures.

Why are we taking such precautionary measures?

We are taking these precautions to protect you, our residents, and our staff. We realize your experience in our facility may look a little different than in the past, but this is because we have procedures in place to protect your health and ensure everyone’s safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to follow all CDC, CMS, State, and local health officials’ guidelines to reduce the risk of exposure to the corona virus.

What can I bring?

Visitors are welcome to bring their loved ones gifts of food. We know gifts can be important to both the giver and the recipient, and something as simple as a baked treat can brighten a resident’s day. Any gifts of food must conform to the resident’s dietary restrictions if applicable and must also conform to facility guidelines.

What else should Visitors do?

Please let us know if you are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms prior to your visit. This would include a dry cough, shortness of breath, fever, aches or chills. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we ask that you refrain from visiting so we can avoid the transmission of any viruses to our residents and staff. We are happy to keep you updated about your loved one and connect you with them virtually while you recover. All visitors will have limited access to our facility and may only visit the Resident’s room or the visitation location designated by our facility staff and must abide by our screening and monitoring processes. Please contact the facility to schedule an in-person visit with your loved one before coming to the facility.

Common Questions

How can I stay connected with a resident if I am unable to schedule a visit?2021-03-17T16:00:05-05:00

We are still accommodating virtual visits and can assist you in connecting with your loved one via phone, Facebook Live, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and other virtual or social media platforms.

Can I still schedule an outdoor visit?2021-03-17T15:59:42-05:00

Yes, you may. Whenever possible, we will try to facilitate outdoor visits. These visits will depend on the weather, health of the resident, and the facility’s and local community’s outbreak status. We will provide a space for these visits, such as a patio, tent, or courtyard whenever possible.

Why are there various requirements for long-term care visitation while other establishments (gyms, restaurants, salons, etc.) do not have to abide by many of the same rules?2021-03-17T15:58:08-05:00

During the COVID-19 pandemic, long-term care facilities, including skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities, have strictly limited visitation to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 among residents whose ages and health conditions make them especially vulnerable to the illness. The mitigation efforts and the limited visitation guidance are in place to keep our vulnerable populations safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why are you asking for my contact information?2021-03-17T15:57:25-05:00

As a precaution, we are ensuring contact information for family members and Resident Representatives are up-to-date should we need to contact you or if contact tracing becomes necessary.